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What's Going on in Trace Vineyard?

Welcome New Neighbors!

Welcome to Trace Vineyard. Upon moving to the neighborhood, you automatically become a member of the Homeowner’s Association. Someone will be contacting you soon with details. Thank you for choosing Trace Vineyard as your place to call home.


Yard of the Month

September 2015

Congrats to Stephanie and Gayden McAlpin!

Please be sure to notice 121 Napa Valley Circle and congratulate these two for all of their hard work!
Thanks to all of you for working hard to make Trace Vineyard the best it can be!









August 2015 

Congrats to Jim and Polly Chapman at 909 Monterey Drive!












July 2015 

Congrats to William and Agnes Stapler at 81 Napa Valley Circle!

The Stapler’s have been residents of Trace Vineyard for 27 years and they are so deserving of this honor. If you are out and about, please drive by home, and take a look at this immaculate yard… even in this heat!

Thanks again William and Agnes for spending the time and also for letting all of us enjoy it!










June 2015 

Congrats to June Richard and Barbara at Farquhar 129 Napa Valley!












Upcoming Events…


Neighborhood Garage Sale!

Saturday, August 6th

All participants will have a red baloon on their mailbox